Elegant Interface to Mail NSF to PST

Most organizations believe email is one of their biggest productivity snags, although email is probably the most important office communication tool. There has been a huge change in the communication arena with emails and the technology has eliminated many of our personal boundaries. Increased email attraction raised demands for email managers like Lotus Notes and Outlook. Heightened choices leads to frequent changes and the users always opt for the one which is result oriented and cost effective.

Why Outlook is better than Lotus Notes:

  1. No technical knowledge is required to work with Outlook as it is easier to handle party. Whereas working with Lotus Notes need high expertise knowledge.
  2. Outlook offers more functionality and support most Windows OS.
  3. No charges for installation of Outlook whereas Lotus need high investment at the time of installation.
  4. High maintenance cost is associated with Lotus Notes.

How to Mail NSF to PST? Notes to PST software, creation by our company present finest way to convert Mail NSF to PST. It is an instrument that facilitates complete conversion of emails and email items with perfection. Lotus Notes Domino Server mailbox to Outlook is possible if the Domino Server is shut down. Also the encrypted files can be converted and there are no changes in the starting time of journals. The Lotus Notes Migration process is safer, simpler and quicker.

Demo Version is freed downloadable to watch out the trouble free conversion of NSF files to PST. The trial run converts 15 items per folder from Lotus Notes to Outlook. Try it, and then buy the licensed edition to remove all restrictions imposed in the product valuing version. If the software fails to perform well, money is refundable within 30 days of purchase.

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